Useful Resource Links

Below is a listing of some useful links regarding woodturning. AWA does not specifically endorse any of these providers, except Hardware Specialties, we highly endorse and recommend them. These links are provided for your convienience only.

Hardware Specialties 
Craft Supplies, USA 
Packard Woodworks, Inc.
Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop 
Penn State Industries 
Highland WoodWorking 
Constantine's Wood Center 
Lee Valley Woodworking

Timberwolf Blades
12 Waverly Ave
Patchogue, NY 11772-1902,
Phone: 1-800-234-7297

These are the best band saw blades.

Timberwolf Blades are also available locally at Hardware Specialties.


Cobalt Steel, High Speed Steel, Drill Rod, etc.
MSC Industrial Direct
McMaster Car
MDI Woodcarvers Supply
Woodturners Wonders
Lamps and CBN Wheels
Jacobs Online
Nichrome Wire