Alaska Woodturners Association Member Library


Club Librarian: Richard Judd
Alaska Woodturners Association has a video library of club demonstrations.  Club members are welcome to check out the videos.   (You must be a member of AWA to take advantage of our library.)
The library is available at the club meetings.  A $10 refundable deposit per disc checked out is required.  The deposit will be returned upon the return of video borrowed from the library.


Demonstrator Title Handouts/Demo Photos
Richard Acuff Birdhouse Ornaments
Richard Acuff Turns a Bowl
Heather Ashley Eccentric Pendants for Necklaces
Heather Ashley Purse Mirror & Magnet
Heather Ashley 2010 Symposium - Hand Mirror 
Heather Ashley 2011 Symposium - Turning Scoops (2 Disc Set)
Heather Ashley Earring Holder
Heather Ashley 2019 Symposium - Shrink Boxes
Heather Ashley MultiAxis cup with Handle Notes
Eli Avisera  2012 Symposium - Tool Review - Sharpening and Bird Project
Eli Avisera  2012 Symposium - Trembleur
Eli Avisera  2012 Symposium - Platters
Eli Avisera  2012 Symposium - Small Square Bowl & a Top 
Eli Avisera  2012 Symposium - Lady Pen & Small Box
Eli Avisera  2012 Symposium - Candlesticks-Using a Template
Ben Barclay Impossible Turning Notes Demo Photos
Stuart Batty  2010 Symposium - Demo 1 - Six Fundamental Cuts
Stuart Batty  2010 Symposium - Demo 2 - Tools & Sharpening
Stuart Batty  2010 Symposium - Demo 3 - Bowl Turning Using Push-Cut Technique
Stuart Batty  2010 Symposium - Demo 4 - Tall Bowl Using Negative Rake
Stuart Batty  2010 Symposium - Demo 5 - Long Stem Goblet
Stuart Batty & Mike Mahoney 2010 Symposium - Two Ways to Make a Bowl
Soren Berger 2008 Symposium - Scoops
Soren Berger 2008 Symposium - Lampshade
Soren Berger 2008 Symposium - Canister 
Soren Berger 2008 Symposium - Sphere
Rudy Berus Three Winged Bowl
Rudy Berus Turns a Small Box
Dixie Biggs 2014 Symposium - Decorative Techniques
Dixie Biggs 2014 Symposium - Relief Carving
Don Bladow 4 Fair Projects
Don Bladow 3 Christmas Projects
Don Bladow Natural Edge Bowl Demo Photos
Wayne Boden Christmas Ornament 
Wayne Boden 2009 Symposium - Acrylic Rattlesnake Pen
Wayne Boden 2009 Symposium - Wooden Pen
Pat Bookey Turns a Salad Bowl
Pat Bookey Turning Thin Walled Bowls for Piercing 
Peggy Bookey Patterns for Piercing
Peggy Bookey Piercing
Trent Bosch 2015 Symposium - Decorative Utility Bowls
Trent Bosch 2015 Symposium - Revelations In Hollowing
Trent Bosch 2015 Symposium - Sculpting Wood Beyond the Lathe
Trent Bosch 2015 Symposium - Sunburst Platter and a Birch Dinner Plate 
Trent Bosch 2015 Symposium - Vessels of Illusion
Trent Bosch 2015 Symposium - Vessels & Surfaces
Bill Bowers 2015 Symposium - Pyramid Box (2 Disc Set)
Bill Bowers Turning a Saturn Box (2 Disc Set)
Bill Bowers Madrone Burl Box with Ebony Insert and Onion Top Threaded Lid
Bill Bowers Pine Box with Epoxy for Threaded Lid
Bill Bowers Rose Engine Lathe
Bill Bowers Gold Leafing Bowls 
Bill Bowers Bottle Stoppers, Cutlery and Bowl
Bill Bowers 2009 Symposium - Threaded Boxes with Hand-Chased Threads
Bill Bowers 2009 Symposium - Painting Bowls
Bill Bowers 2009 Symposium - Hollow Form - Urn
Bill Bowers Christmas Ornament
Jason Breach 2014 Symposium - Pagoda Box
Trudy Carlson 2011 Symposium - Turning Square Plates
Trudy Carlson Ornamentation Demo Photos
Trudy Carlson 2017 Symposium - Making Finials
Kristine Chase Skillet Spatula(References David Reed Smith's step-by-step article.)
Kristine Chase 2013 Symposium - Working With Tagua Nuts
Kristine Chase 2013 Symposium - Mineral Inlay 
Kenny Churchill 7 year old turns a toy
Jimmy Clewes 2012 Symposium - African Drum Box
Jimmy Clewes 2012 Symposium - Square Oriental Lidded Box 
Jimmy Clewes 2012 Symposium - Hat 
Jimmy Clewes 2012 Symposium - Clam Shell Box
Jimmy Clewes 2012 Symposium - Turn a Twist 
Jimmy Clewes 2012 Symposium - Platters & Design
Jimmy Clewes Gold Leaf Work
Jimmy Clewes Turning a Colored Rim Bowl
Jimmy Clewes Natural Edge Vase 
Jimmy Clewes Turning a Lidded Box
Jimmy Clewes 2016 Symposium - Square Oriental Box (2 Disk Set)
Jimmy Clewes 2016 Symposium - Long Stemmed Goblet
Jimmy Clewes 2016 Symposium - Natural Edge End Grain Vase
Jimmy Clewes 2016 Symposium - Colored Rim Platter
Jimmy Clewes 2016 Symposium - Lidded Box w/ Insert and Ring
Jimmy Clewes 2016 Symposium - Tri Corner Bowl
Tom Coghill Decorating Platters Using Fire
Tom Coghill 2016 Symposium - Beyond the Bowl
Tom Coghill Water Based Finishing Demo Photos
Tom Coghill Vacuum Chucking Vacuum Chuck Forces Vacuum Chuck Do's and Don'ts Vacuum System Layout
Tom Coghill 20 Tips and Tricks 20 Tips and Tricks
Tom Coghill and Arnie Geiger 2017 Symposium - Coring Wet and Dry Wood Coring Information
Bob Congdon Baltic Birch Plywood with Epoxy Inserts
Bob Congdon Domed Lid Accented with Lattice Work
Bob Congdon Lattice Top Box (Link to Jason Clark's Tutorial)
Bob Congdon 2012 Symposium - Off-Center "Thing"
Bob Congdon 2012 Symposium - Inside-Outside Turning 
Bob Congdon 2012 Symposium - Off-Center Decorative Turning 
Bob Congdon 2016 Symposium - Bagel/Taco Vessel
Bob Congdon Yarn Spindle
Bob Congdon 2018 Symposium 22 Tips to Tune-up your Turning
Bob Congdon MultiAxis Turning
Nick Cook 2015 Symposium - Dynamic Plates & Platters
Nick Cook 2015 Symposium - Hollow Forms / One-of-a-Kind Vessels
Nick Cook 2015 Symposium - Peppermills & Salt Shakers
Nick Cook 2015 Symposium - Table Lamps
Nick Cook 2015 Symposium - Turning For Profit
Nick Cook 2015 Symposium - Working With Green Wood
Jesse Doherty Small Box
Sharon Doughtie 2011 Symposium - Decorative Bowls (3 Disc Set)
Sharon Doughtie 2011 Symposium - Woodburning Tips & Techniques (2 Disc Set)
Sharon Doughtie 2011 Symposium - Woodburning Techniques & How to Make Your Own Tips
Randall Farris Texturing Wood Turnings
Randall Farris 2008 Symposium - Vase with Blackened Interior
Arnie Geiger  2015 Symposium - Turning For Furniture - Finials & Cabriole Legs 
Arnie Geiger  2015 Symposium - Spiral Candle Holder
Arnie Geiger Christmas Ornaments 
Arnie Geiger Sharpening Tools
Arnie Geiger Turns a Scoop 
Arnie Geiger Turns a Small Box with an Insert Demo Photos
Arnie Geiger Xmas Ornament
Keith Gotschall 2017 Symposium - 3 Legged Stool
Keith Gotschall 2017 Symposium - Bowls
Keith Gotschall Off Center Platter
Keith Gotschall Saltern
Keith Gotschall Lidded Box
Keith Gotschall Scottish Quaich
Peter Herud 2007 Symposium - How to Hand Chase Threads
Peter Herud Design of a box
Mike Hosaluk 2013 Symposium - Unusual Boxes
Mike Hosaluk 2013 Symposium - Bowl with Carved Feet
Mike Hosaluk 2013 Symposium - Having Fun With Spindles
Bonnie Klein 2011 Symposium - Cutting Theory (2 Disc Set)
Bonnie Klein 2011 Symposium - Spin Top Box & Chatterwork Theory
Bonnie Klein 2011 Symposium - Threaded Acrylic Box and Rose Engine Work (2 Disc Set)
Bonnie Klein 2011 Symposium - Introduction to Bonnie Klein & Sharon Doughtie
John Lane Chainsaw Use & Grain Direction Demo Photos
John Lane Basket Illusion
John Lane Platters Youtube video link.
John Lane & Arnie Geiger Chainsaw Use & Bandsaw Care
Del LaRue Long Stem Goblet 
Del LaRue Trembleur
Del LaRue 2014 Symposium - Vase Within a Vase 
Rudy Lopez 2019 Symposium - Wavy Bowl
Rudy Lopez 2019 Symposium - Wing Bowl
Glenn Lucas 2013 Symposium - Production Turning Utility Bowls/Jigs/Sharpening
Glenn Lucas 2013 Symposium - Plates & Platters
Glenn Lucas 2013 Symposium - Wet Turned Thin Wall Bowl
John Magee Therming
Mike Mahoney 2010 Symposium - Turning Thin Bowls
Mike Mahoney 2010 Symposium - Calabash Bowls
Mike Mahoney 2010 Symposium - Using the McNaugton Center Saver System (2 disk set)
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Hollow Form & Spiral Finial
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Pierced Hollow Form 
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Eight Bind Twist 
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Spiral Decoration & Pigtail 3 
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Open Twisted Form
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Spiral Hollow Form
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Off-Center Sculpture
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Pigtail Twist
Stuart Mortimer 2007 Symposium - Pigtail & Spiral Finial
Gary Nelson Segmented Turning
Terry Onslow Long Stemmed Goblets From Green Wood
John Oswald Al Stirt Style Plates
John Oswald Hollow Forms 
John Oswald Spheres Demo Photos
Bill Poolle Introduction to Spindle and Bowl Turning
Bill Poole Turning a Salt Mill
Bill Poole 2015 Intro. To Bowl Turning
Bill Poole Wood Stabilization Demo Photos
Bill Poole Peppermill with Accent Demo Photos
Bill Poole Hollowing
Richard Raynor 2013 Symposium - Multi-Colored Pepper Mill
Richard Raynor 2013 Symposium - Acrylic Bottle Stopper
Richard Raynor Acrylic Pens 
Chris Remick 2019 Symposium - Jar Lids
Jeff Schrader Emerging Bowl Notes Demo Photos
Dick Sing 2008 Symposium - Christmas Ornament & ABC (2 disk Set)
Dick Sing 2008 Symposium - Off Center Inlays
Dick Sing 2008 Symposium - Watch Case
Dick Sing 2008 Symposium - Turning An Egg
Dick Sing 2008 Symposium - Egg Kaleidescope
Dick Sing 2008 Symposium - Turning Pens (2 Disc Set) 
Dave Staeheli Off-Center Candlestick/Goblets
Dave Staeheli Hand Mirror
Dave Staeheli Router Inlays
Dave Staeheli Salt Shaker and Pin Chuck Demo Photos
Al Stirt 2016 Symposium - Textured and Painted Platters
Al Stirt 2016 Symposium - Open Bowl Turning
Al Stirt 2016 Symposium - Sgrafitto Platter
Al Stirt 2016 Symposium - Sgrafitto Platter Demo 2 (2 Disk Set)
Al Stirt 2016 Symposium - Fluting and Carving
Jeff Trotter 2014 Symposium - Turning Antler and Bone
Jeff Trotter Turning Matching Candle Holders using a Template
Jeff Trotter 2012 Symposium - Turning Antler and Horn
Jeff Trotter 2012 Symposium - Jewelry
Jeff Trotter 2012 Symposium - Tool Handles
Jeff Trotter 2009 Symposium - Ice Cream Scoops
Jeff Trotter 2009 Symposium - Platters 
Jeff Trotter Miniature Lidded Box
Jeff Trotter Toy Hippo (2 Disc Set) Notes Demo Photos
Jeff Trotter 2018 Symposium - Southwest Inspired Dish
Molly Winton 2017 Symposium - Making Homemade Brands
Molly Winton 2017 Symposium - Intro. to Surface Enhancements
Molly Winton 2017 Symposium - Making Plain into Pretty
Molly Winton 2017 Symposium - Making Mini Vessels
Molly Winton 2017 Symposium - Making Mini Vessels Day 2
Molly Winton 2017 Symposium - Sea Urchins