Basic Woodturning Tools

Tool Sharpening 

20 minutes before each business meeting there will be a tool sharpening demonstration.  All members are invited to bring their tools and learn how to properly sharpen them under the auspices of an expert turner. 

Suggested tools for sharpening are:

  • Bench grinder (8" wheel or larger)
  • Grinder stand
  • Diamond dressing stone (the t-bar is better)
  • Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Oneway Wolverine Vari-Grind Jig

Note: The Wolverine Grinding Jig mounts below the wheels on the bench grinder, which requires clearance between the base of the grinder and the grinding wheel.

It is best to get a grinder with a small base unit.

Basic Tools Needed for Novice (Beginning) Woodturners
  • Narrow Parting Tool (Diamond)
  • 3/8" Spindle Gouge
  • 1/2" Skew Chisel
  • Roughing Gouge:
    • 3/4" for a mini lathe
    • 1-1/4" for a regular lathe
  • Bowl Gouge
    • 1/2" for a mini lathe
    • 5/8" for a regular lathe
The above tools may be found at Hardware Specialties in Anchorage, Alaska, or online at Penn State Industries or Craft Supplies, USA, or similar stores.